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We Are Creating Pan-African Investment Synergy!

Continental Partnerships

From coast to coast, we are creating partnerships for growth and success.

Creating Mining Synergy

Africa has a large relatively untapped mining sector, we are creating partnerships to increase our revenue from mining across the continent.

Health Sector

With over a billion people, the African Health sector is brimming with opportunities for development and profit.

Oil and Gas

With synergy and investment, Africa’s Oil and Gas needs can be met within the continent, and derivative products a growth factor for the continent.


Africa can be self-sufficient, with a synergy that ensures food security and a better standard of living across the continent.


Promoting manufacturing to enhance industrialization objectives across Africa. 

About Afriduwa

We are a Pan- African investment consultancy company with key focus areas being Health, Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil & Gas.

Pan-African Investment Consultancy.

We work with governments, private sector and international fund managers to build bridges across the entire continent and creating opportunities for African economic growth and greatness.

Continental Partnerships.

The African Free Trade Agreement Opportunities

We are very excited about the African Free Trade Agreement, and the opportunities that are anticipated by the partnership of African countries to grow intra-continental trade.

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